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Neglect is the persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs, likely to result in the serious impairment of the child’s health or development (Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018).

The  Neglect Strategy for Oxfordshire 2022-2024 sets out the partnership response to identify and tackle neglect.

Why Neglect

In Oxfordshire, neglect is the most common reason for children becoming subject to a child protection plan or repeat plan and is a common feature in the county’s recent serious case reviews. It is difficult to define and often coexists with other forms of abuse. Apart from being potentially fatal, neglect causes great distress to children and affects their well-being in the short and long term.

It can be difficult to both identify and work with neglect – These pages should help you to do both, enabling you to intervene early and support families to improve outcomes for children experiencing, or at risk of, neglect.

Neglect Practitioner Forums

Neglect practitioner forums establish a network of front-line staff and managers who will act as champions of the work to tackle neglect. 

Neglect Practitioner Forum Dates for November 2023

Please contact your forum leads if would like more information or would like to be added to the attendance list for your area.


28th November 2-4pm- Venue: Wykham Park School, Banbury

Forum Leads: Sophie Black (Service Manager Family Solutions Plus North) and Jessica Basely (Named Nurse Safeguarding Children)

Contact: and


20th November 2-4pm, Venue: John Henry Newman Academy, Littlemore

Forum Leads: Sue Evans (Service Manager Family Solutions Plus Central) and Carmel Cooney (Named Nurse Safeguarding Children)

Contact: and


22nd November 2023, 10-12 am Venue: Aureus Secondary School, Didcot

Forum Leads: Liz Macaulay- Brown (Service Manager Family Solutions Plus South) and Paula Wheatland (Named Nurse, Safeguarding Children)

Contact : and


Guidance: A starting point to help you understand what neglect means and the risks it poses to children, and to support you through the neglect pathway.

Tools: A range of tools to help you identify neglect, assess the impact, articulate risk, harm, safety and strengths, capture the views and voice of the child and develop plans to address identified concerns. This page also includes links, useful online resources and publications.

Child Protection: This section outlines what happens in a Child Protection Core Group and what everyone’s roles and responsibilities are.

Disabled Children and Neglect: Help you understand the needs of Disabled Children within a neglect context.

Named Professionals in Adults’ Services: Named professional in adult services who can help identify the best means of supporting adults/parents within a family, where are there are concerns about child neglect.

Videos and Resources: Videos about identifying and working with neglect and the harm it causes.

Neglect Team Quiz – Q&A Dec 2022: An interesting way to share safeguarding knowledge and practice ideas with your team is to have a safeguarding quiz in your team meeting or as part of a team training event.