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Meet the team

The OSCB aims to keep children in Oxfordshire as safe as possible by making sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities regarding safeguarding through training, learning and local resources. The Business Unit supports the OSCB to do this.

Our Business Unit is funded through partnership contributions and comprises 2 full-time and 4 part-time posts. The County Council is our main funder and accountable body but really everything we do is done in partnership with colleagues not just from social care, education and community safety but health, police, schools and the voluntary sector to name a few. Our chair is independent, which helps to ensure that the partnership has external scrutiny and challenge.  We are a small but established team, passionate about keeping children safe and committed to our work.

Over the past couple of years there have been some changes to refresh the board structure. We have kept the same name but now refer to ‘three safeguarding partners’.  This means that the OSCB has an executive group comprising the county council chief executive, the chief officer from the integrated care board and the assistant chief constable from the police.  Our overall safeguarding arrangements are outlined in the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements Publication.

Our role is varied as a team: we organise over 60 partnership meetings each year, keep 6 partnership reviews underway, organise training for over 10000 practitioners across the county each year and lead 2-3 learning events and an annual conference.  We have developed safeguarding advice and guidance, which you can find on our website as well as the ten most frequent learning points from serious case reviews.

Laura photo (002)

Laura Gajdus, Business Manager

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Carole Kinnell, Learning and Improvement Co-ordinator


Gay Suggitt, Training Co-ordinator

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Claire Back, Senior Administrator (job-share)


Lenka Devereux, Senior Administrator (job-share)


Nausheen Khurram, Administrative Officer