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Neglect – encouraging discussion to facilitate practice

Date: Wednesday, 14th Dec 2022 | Category: General

You may have seen the news post on 02.12.22 that suggested using a neglect safeguarding quiz with your team to encourage discussion and debate on specific topics to facilitate individual and team learning.

Another way of using this peer discussion and reflection model of learning is to use the suggested areas for improved practice from ‘Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews’ in a team meeting, group supervision or inhouse training events. 

The NSPCC publishes thematic reviews on a regular basis, where the learning from national reviews on particular topics and over a period of time, is pulled together to summarise learning for improved practice; why not use the summary on neglect via the link below to discuss how your work place or organisation could implement ideas for improved practice.

Neglect: learning from case reviews | NSPCC Learning

Your team could use the thematic review to think about;

  • risk factors that are in particular relevant to your area of work and how these might be challenged
  • how you recognise potential signs of neglect
  • how your team and your managers ensure ways of preventing staff to become desensitised to levels of neglect and how to prevent cases drifting with no positive changes being made
  • groups of children who may be more vulnerable to abuse and ways that you might identify and focus on individual families
  • how your team might increase their confidence to effectively assess parental capability to change
  • why your understanding of the long-term impact of neglect is important
  • how your team could improve ways of working with other agencies to identify concerns and plan interventions; e.g. do you contribute to the compilation of multi-agency chronologies
  • how to make sure that workers and managers keep the focus on improving the outcomes for each child’s daily lived experience and remain child-focused
  • does supervision help staff to avoid case drift; how could the system be improved