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Supporting children when their needs are not fully met by their parents.

Date: Tuesday, 08th Nov 2022 | Category: General

In 2020 the OSCB did a Partnership Learning Review (PLR) to identify areas of ‘strengths and improvement in practice’.

The review looked at the experiences of two children in a family. One child was at secondary school and one was at pre-school.  It was apparent that, at this point in time, their parents were not able to fully meet their needs. Aspects of their care were being neglected. This was seen in terms of physical care e.g. their clothes, their personal hygiene and home environment as well as emotional care e.g., the attention that they were being given to grow and thrive.

The review found that, as a safeguarding network, we could have better supported the family if we had made more use of the ‘thresholds of needs’ guidance. This would have helped us to better identify that the parents were not yet able to meet the needs to the children, and to work out what support we could have offered.

Take a look at the review and the guidance to understand the causes and effects of neglect.