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Recruitment of interpreters for the purpose of re-trafficking victims

Date: Tuesday, 11th Jun 2019 | Category: General

An organisation supporting victims of trafficking in London have raised concerns that gangs may be recruiting interpreters for the purpose of re-trafficking victims during face to face appointments. A situation has occurred with one of their victims in London and hence they wanted to alert all relevant networks to be vigilant when using interpreters in case this is not a one off issue.

Below are some hints and tips on how to be observant when using interpreters:

  • Never leave the interpreter alone with a victim, especially in waiting rooms or reception areas.
  • This includes not just visually but also within earshot to ensure no subtle communication is taking place.
  • Please ensure victims leave at different times to an interpreter.
  • Be wary of any interpreting activity that seems out of the norm or not in keeping with what is being asked to be interpreted.
  • If a victim looks distressed in the presence of an interpreter, cease the session immediately.
  • Unfortunately, even interpreters with full references, qualifications and DBS checks may still be involved in trafficking gangs, so if you have any doubts or hesitation about the quality of an interpreter, please tell your language service provider immediately.

Please kindly communicate these hints and tips to your teams and ensure that they follow the above recommendations