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OSCB trainers of the month

Date: Wednesday, 03rd May 2023 | Category: General

We are pleased to announce the OSCB Trainers of the month, Natalie and Jude 

Natalie is the senior Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Headteacher and Jude is a teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead at Chipping Norton Secondary School.

They have both been delivering training for the OSCB for many years; offering their school as venue for multi-agency courses. They were the first OSCB trainers to suggest that the OSCB could reintroduce face to face training again after the COVID epidemic and offered their school as a venue. Despite reservations about whether delegates would be interested in travelling to a venue and sitting in person in a room with other practitioners, this ‘wild’ suggestion was gratefully taken up.

Outstandingly, the course was fully booked within 3 hours of being advertised – a clear indicator that there was an appetite for getting back into the training room.

Some comments made by delegates after attending a ‘Designated Safeguarding Lead’ course facilitated by Natalie and Jude:

‘When it comes to DSL training, I very much prefer face-to-face training rather than online; it’s a delicate subject at times that benefits from discussion with colleagues’

‘Because I am new to the role of DSL .. I feel it was really valuable to be able to attend a face-to-face course for this’.

‘… face to face courses are so much more beneficial and you absorb so much more information’

‘I found the course delivered by 2 knowledgeable and experienced DSLs to be extremely helpful and made a lot of notes of things to incorporate into my work’

 Why do they like being part of the OSCB Training Pool:

Natalie – ‘Being part of the Training Pool has been a two-way process for us, it has allowed us to share our experiences with other professionals from many different settings, which we hope has helped them to navigate their way through some difficult, challenging situations whilst at the same time, enabled us to learn from those professionals too.

I think being part of the pool has widened our perspective and understanding of the challenges that we all face with young people and families and in doing so, has allowed us to share ideas, learn from each other and given us all the confidence to challenge where we have concerns and doubts.

We don’t have all the answers but the beauty of being part of the training pool is that when delivering to many professionals across many different settings, we find those answers together in a supportive and professional way’.

Jude – ‘I would echo that and add that I feel that the learning opportunities at the conferences and through the newsletters and serious case reviews etc are so valuable. I remember after listening to Gamal Turwara speak at an OSCB conference, I used him as an example of an inspirational person in an assembly’.

The OSCB would like to send our thanks to Natalie and Jude for their long and valuable contribution to the training pool!