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Listen to conversations about Elmore’s domestic abuse perpetrator interventions and Ending the Cycle of Abuse

Date: Thursday, 16th Feb 2023 | Category: General

‘Ending the Cycle of Abuse’ is a new podcast from Elmore that gets inside the minds of those who choose to be abusive. The podcast draws on Elmore’s service for perpetrators as part of Family Solutions Plus, the model commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council.


The only voices you’ll hear belong to the women who created the interventions or managed the teams delivering them or directly delivered the interventions themselves. This is a deliberate choice to ensure the experiences of women underpin conversations about how to prevent mainly male abusers from harming mainly female partners.

The series is hosted by Liz Jones, who developed the programme and helped to establish the service, and Sadia Hussain, who managed the team providing interventions for perpetrators and victims/survivors.

Episode 1:  Society—does it make abusers, and can it change abusers?

Episode 2: Abusers—how do we change them and what does it take?

Episode 3: Perpetrator Programmes—how do they benefit partners and children?

Episode 4: Myths and Stereotypes—what are they and how do we change them?