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Private Fostering

A private fostering arrangement is one that is made without the involvement of the local authority for the care of a child under the age of 16 (under 18 if disabled) by someone other than a parent or close relative for 28 days or more, in the carer’s own home. Under the Children Act 1989, private foster carers and those with parental responsibility are required to notify the local authority of their intention to privately foster; or have a child privately fostered. Local authorities must satisfy themselves of the suitability of the private foster carer and their household or accommodation. They have the power to impose requirements on the private foster carer, or if there are serious concerns about an arrangement, to prohibit it.

If you would like further information or need to notify someone of a Private Fostering arrangement please contact – Private Fostering Worker, Katie Holmes, on 01865 323126. You can also contact the Oxford City Social Care Team on 01865 328563