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OSCB Trainer of the Month for April

Date: Wednesday, 06th Apr 2022 | Category: General

Lucy Wawrzyniak is the Executive Headteacher of Mabel Prichard School for children and young people with complex needs, aged 2 to 19 years, she has been part of the OSCB training pool for over 5 years; offering her time free of charge to deliver the Board’s programme of core safeguarding training.

The majority of training delegates who attend the ‘Level 3: Safeguarding Designated Lead’ course are from education settings and so Lucy’s role as a headteacher in a special school means that Lucy is able to offer specialist knowledge and has occupational expertise, which the delegates trust.

What does Lucy get out of being part of the training pool? Here’s what she says:


‘Being a trainer is such a valuable experience as I learn from every session I deliver. Having a multi-agency group of delegates means there are perspectives, experiences and knowledge from a broad range of practitioners. Partnering up with different trainers each time also offers an opportunity to learn about good practice and strengthen agency partnerships. There have been all sorts of other benefits including meeting and recruiting a fantastic governor through a session’.


The last 2 courses that Lucy has delivered (both times whilst supporting new trainers) have received 100% delegate response in the ‘strongly agreed’ category for the questions:

  1. Was the trainer knowledgeable?
  2. Was the trainer engaging and interesting?


Some particular comments from delegates which are worth noting:

‘..they (the trainers) made us feel that online learning can be as good as any other way. The important thing is for the trainers to ensure people are enjoying and understanding the course which they easily accomplished’

‘I feel more confident to support members of staff in handling disclosures and concerns after this course’

‘I now feel I have an understanding of the most up to date issues within Safeguarding and am in a position to share this with the wider school team’

‘It was good to think about the more holistic approach to safeguarding, rather than just the usual process and procedure agenda. Thank you!’