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OSCB expectations of delegate training attendance

Date: Monday, 04th Sep 2023 | Category: General

It has been some time now since the OSCB introduced virtual training due to the limitations of attending in person during the COVID epidemic; everyone has become used to the realities and limitations of the virtual world. For attendees, online courses are convenient; cutting out traffic and parking considerations, shortening the time needed to be out of the  workplace/home, while  still having the opportunity to interact with other participants and the trainers.

 The OSCB would like to remind all course attendees that joining virtual training should have the same expectations as attendance at face to face training. Some examples of recent unacceptable attendance have been:

 Attending with children sitting on laps or hovering in the background

  1. Attempting to attend from a car, from a sporting event, and from the gym
  2. Attendees not having cameras on and also not responding to questions from the trainer(s)
  3. Attendees doing household chores whilst the training is being delivered

 The OSCB has a duty to ensure that attendees at safeguarding courses are fully committed to the session and have the opportunity to discuss any parts of the course that are not clear. The trainers themselves are tasked with ensuring that delegates have attended for the whole session, and have contributed to discussions, for them to receive their certificate.

Please ensure that your attendance at a virtual event is in line with the expectations that would be required if the event was a face to face one.