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Providers (the Kingfisher Team and HORIZON Support services)

The Kingfisher Team (Oxfordshire’s Child Sexual Exploitation Team)

The Kingfisher Team works on the identification of potential perpetrators, victim awareness and general education about child sexual exploitation. The team is made up of police, the NHS and Members of Oxfordshire County Councils; Children and Adult Social Care.

CSE screening tool and risk assessment REVISED May 2016They offer confidential support and advice on sexual exploitation (Tel: 01865 309196. ) and have also produced information leaflets

HORIZON – Supporting Young People & Families affected by Sexual Abuse

Horizon is a new service that aims to help reinstate a sense of safeness and well-being for children and teenagers who are experiencing distress as a result of sexual harm.  We will work jointly with other professionals, through consultation and assessment, to develop a joint understanding of the strengths and difficulties of both the young person and their environment.  Horizon specializes in working with complex trauma and will focus on building compassionate resilience and developing positive attachment relationships.  Horizon is in partnership with Safe! (Commissioned by the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner), which supports young people affected by crime.

Horizon is open to children and teenagers under 18 and living in Oxfordshire.  Please feel free to contact us for any queries or to discuss potential referrals.

Horizon: Supporting Young People Affected by Sexual Harm

Maple House

The Slade

Horspath Driftway



Email: oxfordhealth.horizon@nhs.net