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Learning and Improvement Framework

Working Together requires that the OSCB has a learning and improvement framework which is shared across organisations working with children and families in Oxfordshire.

The framework should include the full range of reviews and audit which are aimed at driving improvement to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

OSCB has developed a framework which links quality assurance to learning and improvement. It includes extensive multi- and single agency audit work; the safeguarding self-assessment and practitioner questionnaires; the schools audit; the LADO service and the OSCB data set.

OSCB has a subgroup which monitors and scrutinises the practice in Oxfordshire. This group of professionals work to ensure that learning from serious case reviews, audits and reviews, is shared with the workforce of Oxfordshire to support practice improvement.

Learning is also shared by the OSCB through training and themed learning events, and learning summaries. Below are learning summaries from audits undertaken by OSCB partners:

Below are learning summaries from reviews undertaken by OSCB partners:


Summary of ‘Pathways to Harm, Pathways to Protection: A Triennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews 2011- 2014’ published May 2016. This study is the fifth consecutive analysis of SCRs undertaken by the same research team from the University of Warwick and the University of East Anglia and commissioned by the Department for Education. The study considers 293 SCRs :

In 2018 and 2017, the Safeguarding Children Board completed some annual analysis of its most recent case reviews. Along with the most common themes and findings the analysis highlighted the ten most frequent learning points.

Relationships and Identity – OSCB Annual Conference 2017

Please see below for power point presentations from the day:



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