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Education Safeguarding Advisory Team & LADO

Education Safeguarding Advisory Team (ESAT)

The Schools Safeguarding team are now called the Education Safeguarding Advisory Team (ESAT), please see the following for further information:

The team continue to give advice over the phone, carry out safeguarding health checks (previously known as audits) and offer support to educational settings to embed their safeguarding practices.

For further information and guidance, please see School Safeguarding online

What is a LADO?

The LADO gives advice and guidance to employers and others who are concerned about an adult who works with children including volunteers and agency staff.

Allegations need to be referred to the team within 24 hours of the allegation being made. no investigation should take place until the LADO has been contacted. An allegation may relate to a person who works with children who has:

  • Behaved in a way that has harmed a child, or may have harmed a child
  • Possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child
  • Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children

What does the Designated officer (LADO) do?

  • The LADO is involved in the oversight and management of allegations against people who work with children, paid or volunteering
  • Provides advice and guidance to employers and voluntary organisations about the most appropriate way to manage the concern or allegation
  • Helps to establish what the next steps should be
  • Makes sure that all relevant specific actions are taken
  • Arranges and chairs a Position of Trust meeting if required
  • Monitors the progress of a case

The LADO does not investigate cases.

 Key Points:

  • Any concern or allegation should be referred to the LADO within 24 hours
  • In cases where the adult is unaware of the concern or allegation it may not be appropriate to tell them immediately – it may prejudice a possible Police investigation. The LADO will provide advice
  • Settlement agreements are not an acceptable resolution to a concern, and even if someone resigns it should not prevent a full and thorough investigation
  • The Allegations Process applies to paid, unpaid and volunteer workers, casual or agency staff and anyone self-employed
  • The LADO will provide advice and guidance and help determine whether the allegation meets the thresholds of the LADO service
  • The LADO helps coordinate information sharing with the right people
  • The LADO will also monitor and track any investigation with the expectation that it is resolved as quickly as possible. Please note if the investigation is a Police led investigation this does effect timescales, and the conclusion of the case may take much longer
  • On conclusion of the case, the LADO will discuss and consider with the employer if the threshold has been hit for any referrals to be made to other agencies, including referral to the Disclosure and Barring Service

School Safeguarding Audit Form

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Template for Schools

Meet the team

Jo Lloyd – Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Donna Crozier – Assistant Designated Officer

Sandra Barratt – Assistant Designated Officer

Lorna Berry – Assistant Designated Officer

Becky Langstone – Education Safeguarding Advisor

TEAM CONTACT: 01865 810603

Important: Please remember when quoting advice from us you ensure that you state what capacity the advice was given to you from the team member, Designated Officer or ESAT.