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Fathers & male-care-givers

Saturdads – Drop-in sessions for fathers

A Saturday morning group run by Oxfordshire County Council’s Early Intervention Service for dads, granddads step-dads, other male carers and their children aged between birth and 5 years old. These drop in sessions offer activities, access to support and information and the chance to meet other local parents.

For your local Saturdads session, please visit the Oxfordshire Family Information Service website and search for ‘Saturdads’.


Useful Links and Publications

The Barnardo’s report “Are we nearly there yet, dad?” Supporting Young Dads’ Journeys Through Fatherhood (.pdf format, 3.3 MB) uses the stories of six young fathers to highlight good practice and points for improvement within services for children within a range of agencies.

The Fatherhood Institute is a UK charity that aims to ensure the rights and views of fathers are championed at a national level. They achieve this by lobbying the Government, training professionals, producing guidance for agencies on engaging fathers and a range of other activities.


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