Parents & Carers

“Safeguarding children and young people is everyone’s business.”

Sometimes parents find themselves needing support and information to help them with the many pressures placed on family life. If your family needs a bit of extra help there are people you can turn to. Look at the useful links and publications page to find out what support exists.

In Oxfordshire there are people you can talk to.

You could look at the Oxfordshire Family Information Service (OxonFIS) website to see what voluntary organisations exist in your area. You could contact a Health Visitor or speak to your school to discuss the situation or you could contact Social Care.

These professionals can help support your family and help you care for your children. Each year, the number of children “taken away” from their parents is a tiny fraction of the number of families supported to stay together. The earlier you speak to someone the better it is, for both you and your children.

You may want advice if your family is involved with Oxfordshire County Council’s Childrens Social Care. The Family Rights Group (FRG) is a charity that advises families and has a website with numerous information leaflets which can give the advice you require.