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…Even more conversations about Flipping the Narrative on violence and abuse towards women and girls

Date: Friday, 17th Feb 2023 | Category: General

The OSCB has been promoting a series of podcasts called Flipping the Narrative. developed by the Oxfordshire organisation ‘Elmore Community Services’.

These conversations show men that they can help each other to sit up, start conversations, and support each other and women. Please share them onwards.


Flipping The Narrative / Men Making A Stand (

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Stephen Burrell, an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at Durham University, the Deputy Director, Durham Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse, and trustee for the charity White Ribbon, a leading charity that is ending men’s violence against women by engaging with men and boys to make a stand against violence.


Flipping The Narrative / What It Means To Be A Father (

In this episode we’re joined by father of five Jay Worthy for this episode to discuss what it means to be a father. Jay has a mix of boys and girls – or “both flavours” as he calls it – and we talk about his approach to fatherhood and the concerns he has for both his boys and his girls as they grow up in our society.