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Listen to conversations about Flipping the Narrative on violence and abuse towards women and girls

Date: Tuesday, 07th Feb 2023 | Category: General

Elmore Community Services

Flipping the Narrative

Listen to conversations about Flipping the Narrative on violence and abuse towards women and girls

Sarah Everard’s death provides a teachable moment for men to be actively involved in new conversations to end misogyny. With the podcast’s encouragement to ‘pass it on’ to other men, Flipping The Narrative shows men that they can help each other to sit up, start conversations, and support each other and women.

Flipping The Narrative is the new podcast from Elmore Community Services, hosted by Luke Jerdy and Liz Jones, accompanied by a new spoken word performance by Luke who is also known for his portrayal of Jesse Donovan in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks from 2016 to 2020. Liz has worked in the Violence against Women and Girls field for 16 years and has facilitated and developed programmes for men who choose to be abusive and violent towards partners.

Flipping The Narrative / What It Means To Be A Man (

In ‘What it Means to be a Man’, we talk to Josh and Conroy about their experiences of what masculinity meant to them growing up and how gender roles are embedded within our society. We question the effect expectations are having on young men today and how society is getting better at challenging these stereotypes. We dig into how trauma early in life affects men’s views on their own masculinity and what can be done to change this.

Flipping The Narrative / Growing Up As An Angry Young Man (

Actor George Bukhari joins us for this deeply personal episode about how the death of his Dad when he was 8 gave him anger issues which were later diagnosed as trauma induced anger by a therapist. We discuss the implications of growing up being angry has on romantic relationships, friendships and ultimately how it makes you feel about yourself. We also talk about how anger is generally accepted by society as a ‘masculine’ trait and what we can do to change that perception.

Flipping The Narrative / Sexual Harassment In The Unlikeliest Of Places (

In this episode, we are joined by barrister Grace Gwynne. We first became aware of Grace after seeing her TED Talk, Fighting For a Place in the Old Boys Club – law is one of the oldest professions in the world but still to this day its incredibly dominated by men. In court rooms – the place where justice is done – sexual harassment is happening. Not by the people being convicted – but by the people who are prosecuting and defending.