Child Sexual Exploitation Promise

You may have heard about cases of ‘child sexual exploitation’ across the country, including Oxfordshire.

Children have been ‘groomed’ by adults. This means making friends with children so they can abuse them. In some cases adults have given children drugs and alcohol, and then forced them to have sex with other people.

Fortunately many of these people have been put in prison. This is only possible because children have had the courage to tell someone what is going on.

Organisations in Oxfordshire such as the council, police and health service promise to protect children from exploitation. We are doing everything we can to stop this horrible crime.

If you are worried this is happening to you or a friend, please, please tell someone. If you can’t speak to family or friends, tell a teacher, a school nurse, a social worker, a police officer – someone you trust to help you.

If you do that, we will listen to you, find out what is going on and do something about it. This is our promise to you.

Oxfordshire’s CSE Promise (March 2015)

Oxfordshire’s CSE Promise – Comprehensive Version (What does the CSE Promise mean we will do? – January 2016)

More information on Child Sexual Exploitation

Grooming and Sexual Exploitation Story:

My name is Luzia* (name changed to protect the identity) and when I was 13 I was groomed and abused by a group of older men. I now know this is called Child Sexual Exploitation but at the time I thought they loved me and I thought what they did to me was OK – it wasn’t – I was a child. At first I didn’t know what to do but then I trusted a safe adult and told them and they helped stop the abuse.

I made this film clip to try and help other children and young people stay safe.

If something bad is happening to you SPEAK OUT, SHOUT LOUD, TRUST A SAFE ADULT AND TELL. DON’T BE ALONE – THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WILL HELP YOU. PLEASE DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you tell someone safe like a teacher, your social worker, the school nurse, your doctor, a police officer, a youth worker they will help you. There is ALWAYS HOPE so please don’t feel abuse is your path in life. If you tell the right people they will help you to stop it.

Anyone who is worried about themselves or another child should contact The Kingfisher Team on 01865 309196. 

The OSCB recently published its Serious Case Review into child sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire. The report and accompanying documents can all be found on the Serious Case Reviews page.