The Truth Project update

The Truth Project is now open in Oxfordshire for victims of historic abuse to share their experiences and be heard.

“I was heard. I was believed! I can’t change my past but I can shape my future. Just telling my story and people who understood and believed lifted the black cloud from my memories. I am not a victim anymore, I am a survivor!! Thank you.”

          a Truth Project participant

Getting in touch with the Truth Project

If you know someone who is able to speak out and share their experience encourage them to get in touch:

  • ​Call: 0800 917 1000

If they feel more comfortable writing it down, they can send a letter or email:

  • ​Post: Freepost IICSA Independent Inquiry
  • Email:

People of any age can get involved but if you kno​w of someone under 18 who is wishing to take part the project can notify the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in advance, so specific arrangements can be made. Young people who have been involved often come with a parent or carer.

For more information about the Truth Project read the ‘it’s time to be heard’ leaflet.