Sextortion (webcam blackmail)

Sextortion involves criminals befriending victims online by using a fake identity and then persuading them to perform sexual acts in front of their webcam, often by using an attractive woman to entice the victim to participate. These women may have been coerced into these actions using financial incentives or threats.

These webcam videos are recorded by the criminals who then threaten to share the images with the victims’ friends and family. This can make the victims feel extremely ashamed and embarrassed and, tragically, here in the UK at least four young men have taken their own lives after being targeted in this way.

Both men and women can be victims of this crime, either by being blackmailed or by being coerced into carrying out sexual acts.

The National Crime Agency released a new video on the 1st of June concerning the above, “We asked members of the public to watch our film. See what they thought. Watch now”

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