Mind of My Own App MOMO

MOMO (Mind of My Own) app is live in Oxfordshire County Council!

We try hard to put children and young people at the heart of our work here but every time we make a decision which will affect one of the children or young people we work with, we need to be sure we’ve considered and evidenced their views. MOMO apps make this process easier, quicker and even fun and are successful in a number of other local authorities where young people, carers and staff value it.

*Good for our children and young people…*

The experience of using MOMO on their own or with their carer or worker will give our young people more confidence to speak up, attend meetings and articulate problems. They can use the app on their own, any time there’s a problem or something they want to change. Or to help them prepare for a CP conference, LAC review, Social Worker’s visit or to contribute to their Foster carer’s Annual Household Review. They can also use it to tell us when they want to celebrate something important to them.

MOMO Express is an additional option designed for children under 11 or those who have communication difficulties to complete alongside their worker or carer.

How can you help?

Any child or young person whose case is open to a worker in Children’s Social Care (Early Help, Child in Need, Child Protection or Looked After) can send a MOMO statement in to the worker they choose. Only workers with email addresses ending oxfordshire.gov.uk can have a MOMO worker account, however anyone can help a child or young person set up their own account. In fact, this is the priority so they can have access to sending in their views at any time and aren’t dependent on a worker being with them. Our partners can help with this!

It’s really very simple to learn how so please have a go on the demo at http://one-demo.mindofmyown.org.uk/ and click on the workers and carers tab to learn how to help a child sign up. MOMO requires an email address for a young person to sign up to an account. If the child has a personal or school email address then they are ready to sign up. However, if they don’t, or if there is a reason why their use of internet is restricted then please contact their allocated worker or mailto:MOMO@oxfordshire.gov.uk for further advice.

MOMO needs Wi-Fi to work and works on most phones and computers including android, iPhones/pads and home computers. A child can sign up for an account on one device but then use MOMO on any other they wish.
Please test the app out with them and help them think about what they want to say or support them to have the privacy to use it on their own.

Helping a child or young person to use the app is one way to make it easier to have meaningful conversations with a child about their views, wishes and feelings. MOMO guides the conversation then creates a clear and dynamic statement of their views that’s easy to understand. The child selects which worker they wish to send their statement to and CSC administrative systems will update the worker and the child’s electronic case file.

Please give it a go and promote it with the children and young people you are working with. Go to www.mindofmyown.org.uk for further information or contact MOMO@oxfordshire.gov.uk with any queries.