Rethinking ‘did not attend’ – short film

A recent OSCB multi-agency audit on safeguarding disabled children emphasised the importance of recording when parents or carers fail to bring their children to pre-arranged appointments e.g. health appointments.

It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to make sure the child attends these pre-arranged appointments, not the child. The child’s records therefore should  not state that they ‘did not attend’ the appointment but that they ‘were not brought’ to the appointment.

If you are part of the children’s workforce this short film is worth watching and sharing in team meetings as it helps reinforce this point.

When children are subject to child protection planning all professionals involved in their core group meetings will be asked to submit feedback on families’ engagement with the child protection planning which should include any times when the children are not brought to appointments. These will be collated into a multi-agency chronology to get a long-term view when planning further safeguarding support.