Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

The sexual exploitation of children and young people has been identified throughout the UK, in both rural and urban areas, and in all parts of the world. It affects boys and young men, as well as girls and young women. It can have a serious long term impact on every aspect of their lives, health and education and It damages the lives of their families and carers.

Grooming and Sexual Exploitation Story:

My name is Luzia* (name changed to protect the identity) and when I was 13 I was groomed and abused by a group of older men. I now know this is called Child Sexual Exploitation but at the time I thought they loved me and I thought what they did to me was OK – it wasn’t – I was a child. At first I didn’t know what to do but then I trusted a safe adult and told them and they helped stop the abuse.

I made this film clip to try and help other children and young people stay safe.

If something bad is happening to you SPEAK OUT, SHOUT LOUD, TRUST A SAFE ADULT AND TELL. DON’T BE ALONE – THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WILL HELP YOU. PLEASE DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you tell someone safe like a teacher, your social worker, the school nurse, your doctor, a police officer, a youth worker they will help you. There is ALWAYS HOPE so please don’t feel abuse is your path in life. If you tell the right people they will help you to stop it.

Anyone who is worried about themselves or another child should

contact The Kingfisher Team on 01865 309196. 


As part of the work in Oxfordshire dealing with the high profile Operation Bullfinch investigation and trial, which resulted in the sentencing of seven men, for a total of 95 years in May 2013, OSCB with partners have taken significant and wide ranging action to address the issue of child sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire. The OSCB endorses the following local resources for practitioners:

Health professionals are recommended to use Spotting the signs, which is a resource rolled out across the country. Locally health professionals have developed an additional  Aide memoire for conversations on consent with young people.



Raising Awareness

The OSCB recognises that professionals, families and local communities need to be more aware of the danger signs of child sexual exploitation. OSCB partners have jointly funded a range of activities to support this:

  • Values Versus Violence – Educational programme for primary schools
  • Chelsea’s Choice – Theatre production for years 8 and 9 students, now in its third year
  • Somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter – Theatre production for year 9+ students
  • Say something if you see something – Awareness raising campaign led by the National Working Group for CSE
  • Street UK scoping study on awareness of CSE in black and minority communities
  • OSCB Child Sexual Exploitation training undertaken by thousands of colleagues from multi-agency settings

Please find here an overview of interventions for the prevention of CSE in Oxfordshire.

The OSCB has produced the following learning for practitioners

The presentation Slides from our 2015 – CSE Learning Events:

Useful Links and Publications


The Kingfisher Team (Oxfordshire’s Child Sexual Exploitation Team)

The Kingfisher Team works on the identification of potential perpetrators, victim awareness and general education about child sexual exploitation. The team is made up of police, the NHS and Members of Oxfordshire County Councils; Children and Adult Social Care.

They offer confidential support and advice on sexual exploitation (Tel: 01865 309106) and have also produced information leaflets

HORIZON – Supporting Young People & Families affected by Sexual Abuse

Horizon is a new service that aims to help reinstate a sense of safeness and well-being for children and teenagers who are experiencing distress as a result of sexual harm.  We will work jointly with other professionals, through consultation and assessment, to develop a joint understanding of the strengths and difficulties of both the young person and their environment.  Horizon specializes in working with complex trauma and will focus on building compassionate resilience and developing positive attachment relationships.  Horizon is in partnership with Safe! (Commissioned by the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner), which supports young people affected by crime.

Horizon is open to children and teenagers under 18 and living in Oxfordshire.  Please feel free to contact us for any queries or to discuss potential referrals.

Horizon: Supporting Young People Affected by Sexual Harm

Boundary Brook House

Churchill Drive




Last Updated: 22/02/2016

    Step Out

Step Out is a local grassroots specialist child sexual exploitation project in Oxford. Started by Donnington Doorstep in June 2011, the Step Out Project works with young people who are being, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited, or who are survivors of CSE. Step Out Provides intensive and specialized casework support to young people. We aim to enable young people at risk to make informed choices and to be able to have appropriate, healthy and safe relationships. Step Out provides preventative work in collaboration with the Oxfordshire Children Safeguarding board to provide professional up-skilling and training to front line staff on CSE. We work with the Kingfisher team, the MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub), police, schools and Social Services in order to co-ordinate our work.

Step Out is available for young people within Oxfordshire. To make a referral or request training, please contact: