1. Boys in trouble? If you see something, say something!

    22 March, 2018

    In their 2015 report, Hidden in Plain Sight, Barnardo’s revealed a third of the young people referred to them for Child Sexual Exploitation were boys. While awareness campaigns often focus on girls,  young men are also at risk, and perpetrators can be men or women. So, what are the risks of sexual exploitation for boys and young […]

  2. National CSE Awareness Day 18th March 2018

    The Kingfisher and Digital Safeguarding Teams are planning a 3 week digital campaign to mark National CSE Awareness Day. Information will be launched through OXME under the Healthy Choices and Lifestyle stream with links on Facebook and twitter. The campaign starts on the 5th March under the banner ‘Say Something, if you See Something’. The launch […]

  3. OSCB training CANCELLED Friday 2 March

    1 March, 2018

    The Sexual Abuse Workshop due to take place at County Hall tomorrow (02.03.18) has been CANCELLED due to adverse weather conditions. All 3 courses which have now been cancelled on 01.03.18 and 02.03.18 will be rearranged and training delegates who were booked on to attend any one of these events will be given priority to […]

  4. OSCB training 01 03 18 – ALL courses CANCELLED.

    ALL OSCB courses are CANCELLED on Thursday 1 March due to adverse weather conditions.  

  5. OSCB training and potential adverse weather

    28 February, 2018

      Due to potential adverse weather we may need to cancel tomorrow’s meeting. OSCB will update the news page of the website by 7.30am on March 1 and March 2, 2018 with any course cancellations.  

  6. LGBT history month

    22 February, 2018

      Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young people. February 2018 is is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History month. Have you seen the This is me campaign? Everyone’s support is key and if you experience or witness any hate crime report it to the police or organisations such as StopHateUK. Looking ahead Oxford Pride […]

  7. Booking open for the OSCB Annual Conference – Wednesday 7th March 2018

    19 February, 2018

      The OSCB Annual Conference  takes place on Wednesday 7 March 2018 (09:00 – 16:00) at The Kings Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES The event includes local presentations from education, children’s social care, health colleagues and the police. It also includes the experiences of local children and families ‘in their own words’. There will […]

  8. Rethinking ‘did not attend’ – short film

    18 January, 2018

    A recent OSCB multi-agency audit on safeguarding disabled children emphasised the importance of recording when parents or carers fail to bring their children to pre-arranged appointments e.g. health appointments. It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to make sure the child attends these pre-arranged appointments, not the child. The child’s records therefore should  not state […]

  9. If I could talk to me – short film

    13 December, 2017

    This animation video titled ‘If I could talk to me’ is made by ‘Just for Kids Law’. It aims to prompt the children’s work force to consider the frustrations and fears of young women subject to pre-birth assessments.  Please watch, discuss and share. ‘Just for Kids Law’ is an organisation which helps young people navigate […]

  10. Save the date! OSCB Learning event on Friday 9th February 2018, 09:00 – 12:30

    12 December, 2017

    The OSCB is holding a learning event on effective working with dads and male care givers. Analysis from Oxfordshire case reviews shows that this is an area of work that our children’s workforce could improve upon. The half-day event will include local learning and resources for effective working with dads,  a key note speaker from […]